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Creative Résumés & Business Writing is a privately-owned company in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It is not a franchise and the résumés are not pre-written or mass-produced. For this reason, you can be assured your résumé will be customized to fit your personality and job strengths.

Clients are interviewed by appointment only (in the office or over the phone) via a one-on-one consultation and undivided attention in finding out your selling points - what makes you marketable, why would an employer want to hire you, what exactly do you bring to the table that sets you apart?  It doesn't take long, about 25 to 45 minutes.

All finished documents are specifically custom-written and one of a kind...a product you will be truly proud to present as your marketing tool to prospective employers.

Our fees are extremely fair. We outsell our competition because we give you "more than you expected." We've heard this from our clients over and over again.  Click on "testimonials"!!

Although we are not a job placement service, we are called by companies that have jobs to offer. Employers know we have clients coming to us daily to get their résumé professionally constructed, so we hear about jobs that will not necessarily be advertised in the paper or online. If you fit the criteria for a job we may know about, we'll give you the name of the employer...and it's absolutely free.

One last thing, an important aspect to consider in deciding on a professional résumé versus a home-spun version...

The question is not:
"Can I afford to get a résumé?"

The question is:

"Can I afford not to?"