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Creative Résumés & Business Writing in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializes in writing effective and power-worded résumés.  Whether you are starting from scratch or your current résumé needs an overhaul, you can count on us to tailor it to grab the attention of even the most particular of employers. Clients come to us from virtually every kind of profession and trade.

Don't need a résumé?  Perhaps some other form of writing? Just call!  Everything you may need can be written with the proper verbiage, format, and style...that will truly express YOU!!  In addition to our multifaceted résumé services, we provide a number of other professional writing services such as:

• Military Conversions
• Federal Résumés
• Grievances & Company Manuals
• College Essays / Personal Statements
• All Types Letters
• Company Biographies
• Business Plans
• And much more!!

Looking for a career change, internal promotion, relocation résumé, etc.?  Contact Creative Résumés & Business Writing to get your career on the road with an impeccably-written document!  You can have the best qualifications in the world, backed by a powerful personality and complemented by the strongest of references, but all these career-making credentials are useless, if your résumé is sloppy, poorly organized, and difficult to read!

The most important thing to realize is that your résumé is your "Calling Card."  It is the marketing tool that will get you in the door for an interview - and it is the only thing that will set you apart from your you'll be called for an interview.

Here are some tips on preparing a résumé that will interest and impress your prospective employer...


Too many people make the sad mistake of making a résumé into a job description sheet

Instead, give the hiring managers something fresh to read. GRAB THEIR ATTENTION!!  They will be reading hundreds of résumés, especially if you answered an internet or newspaper ad.  The competition will be very stiff - AND YOU WANT TO STAND OUT.

Make sure you tell about (and sell them on) your strengths, accomplishments, achievements, and contributions. Make your résumé jump out at them, so they feel compelled to meet you. That's when you'll finish the selling job, in person!

Smiling Man with the Team

Professional Woman


This means excellent formatting, readable fonts, proper spacing, buzz words, and creativity. This cannot be stressed enough:

• There must be no spelling errors.
• It must be grammatically correct.
• It must be properly punctuated.
• It must have up-to-date information.
• It must be powerful, positive, and energy-oriented.


Remember, it's your only chance to make a good first impression on paper. They can't see you...your only representation is the presentation / appearance /context of the résumé.

These little tips regarding personality, professionalism & pizzazz are just that - little tips.  There's a lot more to preparing a professional résumé than simply writing a work history or deciding on a format style.  When you want a great job, a great résumé & heartfelt cover letter gets you in the door!!

If you don't have the time...don't have a computer...can't be objective about yourself...or you really just don't know where to Creative Résumés & Business Writing!  Whatever you need to make a favorable impression (cover letters, salary history sheets, reference sheets, interview follow-up & thank you letters) - we do it!

And we do it very well, because we love what we do...and so will you!!!

Résumés should...

Really impress your potential employer
Explode with hard-hitting, powerful words
Sell your skills with sizzle!!
Uncover your value, strengths, and potential
Make an employer want to interview you
End your job-search worries
Set you apart from your competition